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Italo-Argentine director & producer, passionate about visual arts, team leadership and creative thinking combined to create powerful visual narratives from simple ideas. He films and lives between CDMX, Los Angeles and the East Coast of the U.S.

American University of Cairo

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Motherly Love

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Franco Garuti

Director | Bio

Italo-Argentine Franco Garuti has recently been living, producing and directing between CDMX, Los Angeles and the East Coast of the U.S.. He began indulging in the industry from a very young age, and it was in the film sets where he found the place to develop his passion for visual arts, team leadership and creative thinking, which characterizes him today.

This deep involvement and passion turned into a profound love for the industry, both in advertising and in feature films, as he developed his director’s career in Latin America, the U.S. and other international markets. This exercise has given him a special understanding of the different idiosyncrasies, as well as learning to handle the challenges involved in working for different cultural matrices.

He has developed a particular visual style that combines high doses of credibility with a lot of flow and good vibes, always within a very fresh and modern look. One of his main virtues as a filmmaker is to build powerful visual narratives from simple ideas, generating the optimal universes so that they can grow as much as possible. His precise handling of acting, classic cinematographic narratives and the surprising thinking are the other ingredients of the Garuti cocktail.

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