Greg Robbins
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A NYC based director, editor, writer, and producer specializing in luxury brands and automotive video that engage viewers and inspire action.

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Meet Greg

He started his studies in the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he also began his career serving as the Lead Multimedia Producer for over 200 video projects that started strictly as education content and evolved to advertisements for the University. In 2010, he moved to NYC and started working in Fusion Media, serving as a Video Editor, Director, and Producer, working on corporate projects for clients including Pepsi, American Express, Dollar General, and McGraw Hill. That same year, he landed a contract job at NASA where we worked as Video Director, Producer, Editor, Animator and Compositer for a video series focused on the colonization of Mars in 2032.

In 2011 he took the role of Director, Writer and Producer for RDM creating dynamic videos for advertising, branded content, product, and training videos. In parallel, and by 2014, what started as a freelance position for Mercedes-Benz evolved as a Creative Director role in where he oversaw and directed Running Footage, Promotional Videos, Product Videos, and more than a dozen company and consumer facing video projects.

Ever since his stepping in NYC, he is a partner at Triad Interactive Media where he serves as Creative Director working alongside educators, artists, and game designers to produce compelling educational video games, videos, and training materials for government agencies, managing all creative conception, narrative development, character design, game art, music and website production, sprite-sheet animation, UI design & narrative video cut scenes for every product they produce.

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