Joe Lafleur
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Joe Lafleur is a creative powerhouse when it comes to advertising and branded media. One Man Army, Director & Content Creator.

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Miller Genuine Draft





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Meet Joe

Getting his start as a P.A. on a Viagra spot in 1999, Joe’s career in commercials has been on the rise ever since. An “I can do this!” attitude led pretty quickly to a decent little hobby directing music videos between working production on big commercial shoots. This combination of hands on experience and watching and learning from a who’s who of international commercial directors, along with experience on the logistical side taught him all aspects of the business… some would say he might even know too much for his own good.

With some pretty decent success in music videos and the sudden development of the web, there were new opportunities to create ads online. Joe’s early work included award-winning content for Bootlegger, branded documentary shorts for Nike and web commercials for Air Jordan.

Over the last decade Joe’s client list has grown and now includes work for Miller Genuine Draft, Grolsch, Miller Lite, Gibson’s Whiskey (see a trend here?), Connect Hearing, McDonald’s, BC Hydro and much, much more. Joe likes to think of himself as a visual storyteller with strong product but loves comedy as well!

Joe lives in Vancouver with his beautiful wife, a crazy three-year-old, two yappy dogs and a blue fish!

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