After collaborating in multiple capacities on a variety of campaigns for Altered.LA Alejandro Márquez has joined its talented roster of directors.

Originally from Guadalajara, México, Alejandro has made significant contributions to numerous critically acclaimed films and commercials and has displayed his versatility as a director across various genres.  In 2010, Alejandro was selected as one of the winners of the “Ford Mustang Stories” branded competition sponsored by JWT and Filmaka for his film Down The Road.  That experience gave him insight into the branded content arena which he has recently put to use with other brands like Energizer and Procter & Gamble.  The trailer for Down The Road was broadcast on NBC and the short film was screened in various auto shows such as the Detroit Auto Show.

Additionally, Alejandro has directed commercials for numerous brands and his work has earned a Best Director nomination at the “Pantalla de Cristal” advertising awards, one of Mexico’s premiere media industry events.

Recently, his short film G.I. Jose, which he wrote and directed, received generous accolades in 2018; highlighted by the Industry Award Winner for Best Social Change Short Film at the University of Southern California’s First Look Awards, the prized Best Student Film award at “G.I. Film Festival” in San Diego, an event dedicated to revealing the struggles, triumphs, and experiences of service members and veterans through compelling and authentic storytelling.

Marcos Cline, Founder & E.P. at Altered.LA stated, “More and more clients are looking for authentic storytellers who have the ability to pick up the camera and shoot or edit their own material.  Alex does this seamlessly without losing the focus on storytelling.  We’re excited to bring a multi-hyphenate like Alejandro to the U.S. market.  His experience on short form digital content as well as his focus on narrative storytelling, make him perfect for today’s trends in advertising.”

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Portrait of Alejandro Márquez smiling at the camera.
Alejandro Márquez
Director & Producer

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