Los Angeles based commercial production company Altered.LA announces the launch of a new Digital Content Division called DGT.LA bringing digital native content creators to agencies and clients.

Production company Altered.LA has announced the creation of a new division of director’s who have come together to take the commercial market by storm with a unique marketing proposal, says Altered.LA founder Marcos Cline.

The proposal? To leverage the director’s deep backgrounds and expertise as digital content creators to put millions of views, high levels of engagement, and a bold, unique perspective on the table, allowing them to experiment with narratives, formats, and devices ranging from a high-tech digital camera to a cell phone with the ability to record in 4K. The new division, called DGT.LA, will help brands bring their message to fruition through high-end digital content, says Altered.LA executive producer Marcos Cline.

The kind of talent Cline brings to the table includes artists like Flannery Underwood, producer for multimillion-dollar cosmetics company Ipsy Cosmetics.  With Underwood’s help, Ipsy’s content has garnered over 1.5 million fans on YouTube alone. When one factors in the 8.9 million subscribers of its founder’s YouTube channel, that adds up to more than 10 million loyal fans.

With talent like Underwood on a company’s side, Cline points out, DGT.LA can bring a unique vision to a brand. Because these content creators have already proven to bring in viewers—and hefty profits—to brands they serve, they will be able to do so for other companies as well, Cline points out.

Many of DGT.LA’s lineup of directors focus on a particular niche. Underwood, for instance, specializes in brands that cater to female consumers. With her expertise in this niche, she can “bring her unique vision and one-of-a-kind perspective” to other female-oriented brands as well, Cline says. 

Other talent that DGT.LA can bring to bear to reach more fans, and thus more brand recognition to a company, include Jon Brandon Cruz, whose latest project, managing all of Pretty Little Liars‘ superstar Shay Mitchell’s digital content, has reached more than 32 million fans; Alejandro Hernández, a pioneer in the YouTuber revolution in Venezuela who now works as a director in New York, and Maiah Ocando, who creates comedic and lifestyle content for her two million fans. Ocando, who has over 34 million views on YouTube alone, recently gained recognition by the Shorty Awards for a campaign that generated 3.3 million views, nearly 27 million impressions, and 125 thousand engagements. She has also become the most-consecutively nominated female Hispanic creator in the Streamy Awards.

With this kind of talent, DGT.LA can step into areas brands often fear to tread. As Cline puts it, “We want to do what Altered.LA has always done: offer the region’s advertising market the best and most creative talent to tell a brand story. This time, the difference lies in that we’re daring to look places where brands haven’t looked before.”

Such an innovative approach takes a commitment to excellence. According to Cline, because they’ve learned to tell stories differently from traditional directors, these “digital natives” find it natural to tell each brand’s story. Cline commends his team for their “obsessive search for effectiveness…dictated by the world of numbers they live in.”

Cline looks forward to unleashing the DGT.LA team’s talent on new brands. Speaking about the team, he concludes, “They’re artists who are used to creating videos with their own content that generate millions of views, which is an important value proposition for brands.”

DGT.LA has a rich portfolio of Internet celebrities, media, and associated blue chip brands its new team of directors has handled. Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Shay Mitchell, Michelle Phan, founder of Ipsy Cosmetics, Chance the Rapper, Skrillex, Pharrell Williams, Enrique Iglesias, McDonald’s, Univision, Ford, AT&T, Disney, Fox, Make Up For Ever, Toyota, Google, and Johnnie Walker are just a few of the brands DGT.LA’s team of director’s have worked with.

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