Production company ALTERED.LA has announced the signing of director Russ Lamoureux for their U.S. Hispanic and Latin American representation.

A North Carolina native, Lamoureux got his start in the industry writing commercials for such notables as Goodby, Silverstein and Partners; TBWA/Chiat Day; BBDO, and Deutch.

After a stint at UCLA to study filmmaking, he began directing, and it wasn’t long before industry pros caught on to his talent. Recognized right away as “one to watch” by Creativity, Lamoureux soon fulfilled his early promise. One year later, the Cannes Advertising Festival featured the young director in its Saatchi New Directors Showcase.

Since then, Lamoureux has garnered an Emmy for his PBS promos, made an award-winning short film, and has worked with some of the world’s leading ad agencies to create a slew of memorable commercials.

ALTERED.LA owner and executive producer Marcos Cline wanted exactly this kind of talent on his team. He says, “Russ is the definition of an actor’s director. As if that weren’t enough, he has an impeccable eye for what I call ‘polished realism.’”

Not only does Lamoureux’s chops as a director bring a lot to the table for ALTERED.LA, says Cline, but so does his work in photography. “His background in photography translates seamlessly into his storytelling, making every one of his spots unique, compelling, and relatable,” Cline continues. “We’re fortunate to have him join and look forward to introducing him into the markets we excel at.”

Lamoureux, too, looks forward to a productive partnership with the Los Angeles-based production company. He says, “What I’ve seen from ALTERED.LA really backs up the notion that good storytelling is universal. They’re producing work that stands out beyond the market it’s made for, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

You can watch Russ’ reel in, where you will also find his biography.

Russ Lamoureux smiling and looking at the camera
Russ Lamoureux
Commercial Director


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