Altered.LA, recognized as one of the top U.S. Hispanic commercial production companies,…

Has partnered with the Los Angeles Theater Center to produce “The Ravine,” a play that’s been called “The Latino Chinatown,” a nod to the classic Polanski film of 1974. Set for a fall debut, The Ravine is a neo-noir look at 1959 Los Angeles.

Marcos Cline, Michael Sloane, Rodrigo González

“Our story may be set in 1959, but the central issues of development, displacement and gentrification couldn’t be more relevant today,” says Executive Producer Marcos Cline. Indeed, the plot echoes many of the concerns of today’s L.A. Hispanic community.

The Ravine is the story of Rick Montez, a damaged Korean War vet who lost his wife and child in a tragic accident. Barely making ends meet as a mechanic while battling his demons with alcohol at night and tired of his unending stalemate with the city, he finally sells his house to the City Housing Authority hoping to restart his life, away from the bad memories found in Chavez Ravine. Instead, Rick finds himself entangled in an underworld of betrayal.

Set in the once vibrant Mexican-American community on the shoulder of downtown, a testament to the city’s failed attempt to build public housing, The Ravine takes place at a time when the town is about to be bulldozed, re-shaped and developed into Dodger Stadium.

Written by veteran screenwriter Michael Sloane (Mob City, The Majestic) and produced by Marcos Cline and Rodrigo X. González in partnership with the Los Angeles Theater Center and the Latino Theater Company, together they’ve enlisted the talents of numerous Hollywood and L.A. Theater experts, including LTC & LATC Artistic Director and Tenured UCLA Professor José Luís Valenzuela, Set Designer Gregory Melton, Costume Designer Giovanna Ottobre-Melton, and Composer Chris Ledesma.

The play is currently searching for additional underwriters.  Those interested in a promotional partnership with “The Ravine” can take advantage of a variety of available underwriting packages. Donations to The Latino Theater Company for “The Ravine” are one hundred percent tax deductible.

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