Altered.LA and Casa Comedy teamed up to produce a new comedy special for Netflix, Zona Rosa.

The series is composed of four chapters, each with a different standup comic: Ray Contreras, Ana Julia Yeyé, Pablo Morán and Manu Nna, all members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Marcos Cline, executive producer of Altered.LA, shared about the project, “We knew that it was time to create a special where comedians of the LGBTQ+ community could shine, but doing so from a position of recognizing a new world that respects differences, celebrates diversity of experiences and opinions. Five years ago this special could never have been achieved because of the prejudices that existed. Today, Mexico and Latin America have moved more towards acceptance. We know it, comedians and their fans know it, and Netflix knows it too,” said Cline.

He stressed that Altered.LA has always been a pro-active and multidisciplinary production company. “We understand that storytelling and creativity are not one-dimensional, but are bugs that require a wealth of experiences. In turn, we know that opportunities do not come by themselves: we have to create them. The fact that we are finishing 2019 with five comedy specials on Netflix, another for release, and potentially some more on the way not only satisfies me as the owner of the production company, knowing that we have established a model that can be repeated, but that I appreciate the experience this has given us to improve all other projects, including advertising, experiential, and original content that we are currently working on. ”

He concluded that the process of working with the Netflix team was wonderful. “Netflix has a passionate, knowledgeable team that is always there to help and raise creativity. We complement each other naturally and this makes the whole process a deeply satisfying and, above all, fun experience. ”

Poster of Zona Rosa’s Netflix Special, produced in collaboration with Casa Comedy.

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