Altered.LA’s digital division, DGT.LA, continues to push brand boundaries with their newest additions: directors Yossuana Aguilar, VONJAKO (Andrea Jako Giacomini), and husband-and-wife team NUYORKTRICITY (Mike & Moni Vargas).

Aguilar, a boundary-breaking Venezuelan filmmaker, exemplifies the new directors’ take on filmmaking. She says, “I am always digging for the depth of things…[A]ccepting vulnerability…differentiates us from androids and robots.” Aguilar’s philosophy aligns perfectly with that of DGT.LA, who wants to bring “a bold, unique perspective” to promoting its clients’ brands. Aguilar takes a hands-on approach to her art in her quest to expose oft-recurring themes of political turmoil, cultural alienation, and freedom through self-expression.

That approach garnered her four awards in Houston’s 24-Hour Film Race, as well as two weekend challenges sponsored by online video giant Vimeo.

A versatile artist whose broad-based experience as not only a director, but also as a photographer, editor, musician, and producer, Andrea Giacomini, too, doesn’t mind bending a few rules on his quest for artistic excellence. Winner of the 2014 FutureCity Yokohama Short Film Award and the 2012 AFI and Levi’s film competition, the innovative Giacomini likes to mix film with art and music. Global brands and world-class recording artists have sought out Giacomini to create videos that transcend the usual. 

A veteran of prestigious film festivals, Giacomini’s resume reads like a Who’s Who in the industry. He has showcased his work at Cannes’ Short Films, SXSW, Raindance, and the LA Film Festival, among others. The Italian-born Giacomini first came to the U.S. to try his hand at a career as a drummer. He soon discovered that it was through film that he could make an even bigger mark in the music world. After a music video he filmed for his former band captured attention at Nashville’s International Music Festival and the Rebelfest, eventually winning the Divx MVWire Music Video Contest, Giacomini branched out into short films and commercials, earning raves for his work with world-class brands such as Converse, Honda, Yamaha, FIAT, Lincoln, and Sun Chips.

Collectively called NUYORKTRICITY, the dynamic team of Moni and Mike Vargas have made waves throughout the entertainment world. Specializing in documentaries, commercials, music videos, and corporate promotional videos, they have garnered over 100 million views for the work they’ve done for Will Smith’s company, Overbrook Entertainment. Their work has aired throughout the world, including an original series, Friends We Love, that has appeared at the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Bronx Museum.

NUYORKTRICITY’s passion for story dovetails perfectly with Altered.LA’s vision. As the team puts it, “[We’re] thrilled to join ALTERED.LA and bring our love of cinematic storytelling to clients throughout North and South America.” Their “attitude of gratitude,” as they call it, is contagious as they work with the DGT.LA team to produce the quality videos that brought them to the company’s attention in the first place. Their gift for story has earned the pair kudos from their clients, who include Sony Pictures Television, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Apple, UBTech, VICE, Bud Light, Coke, Nike, Target, just to name a few.

Thrilled to have these artists aboard, Altered.LA executive producer Marcos Cline says of the move, “These directors exemplify the direction we want to take our digital division. Their bold, unique perspective is just what we need to make our clients’ brands standouts in their respective fields.”

About Altered.LA

For creative minds looking to expand beyond the traditional, Altered.LA offers an alternative philosophy which values the multi-disciplinary approach.  We create visual experiences across all platforms and mediums which elevate the human spirit, enlighten, innovate, and further our culture and artistic expressions. 

Montage of portraits from Directors VONJAKO, NUYORKTRICITY & Yossuana Aguilar
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