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A directing duo that exists to tell visually extraordinary stories. Inspired by the unlimited possibilities of the web, pop culture, & current media, Plan(9) is focused on creating innovative content that inspire, excite and entertain throughout every platform.




Spray Can



(Director’s Cut)


Stay Cool, Stay Fanta

Nestlé Milo

Champions Never Play Alone


Good is Not Enough

(Director’s Cut)

LATAM Airlines

Viajeros Inteligentes

Meet Plan(9)

Filmmakers and Visual Artists Jonathan Specktor and Juan Pablo Rodríguez comprise the amazing directing duo known as Plan(9). The guys met at art school and began working as a duo, bonding over their love of music, technology and sci-fi films.

For years they have worked in advertising and music videos, providing their particular way of storytelling and editing techniques to projects for Y&R, Ogilvy & Mather, MCCANN Erickson, TBWA, BBDO, among many others. Plan(9) has a knack at recognizing the needs of every brand, but are not afraid to push the envelope by mixing narrative and aesthetic styles to create amazing audiovisual products.

Plan(9) have always had as a goal to create visually incredible stories. Inspired by the unlimited possibilities of the web, pop culture, and current media, Plan(9) is now focused on creating innovative and entertaining content throughout every platform.

Their unique way of storytelling provides brands with what they seek most, to be different.

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