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TOMAT is an international award-winning directing duo formed in 2011 that specializes in filmmaking, design, post-production & photorealistic special effects.


Take Off


HR-V: Drops




Air Max


For Those With Drive



Bronco SUV




Fire & Frost

Director’s Cut


Vintage Store




With previous international experience in filmmaking, design and post-production, the directing duo was formed in 2011. They create unique films using photorealistic special effects and skillful set direction, extracting great performances from actors, celebrities and non-actors alike. The duo won a Bronze Lion at Cannes for their work on Cat-Toast for energy drink Flying Horse. That same year they won the prestigious Young Director Awards hosted by Shots magazine. In 2017, Tomat won the prestigious ABP Best Brazilian Director award, were featured in the October Source Showcase and won another Bronze Lion in 2017 with the PR campaign BK Whopper Exchange. In 2019 the duo went on to win yet another prize at Cannes, this time a A Media Grand Prix with the campaign Nike Graffitti Stores, by directing the campaign film.

Mateus Araujo began his career as a compositing artist and post-production supervisor, work that he still does today. He has a Masters degree in Design and Technology from Parsons University in New York, having won a scholarship for that course based in his portfolio’s excellence upon admission. Still in New York, he freelanced for design companies such as FDG, Interspectacular, BET, USA Channel, and Comedy Central. As director, Mateus went on to win a best pop music video MTV Video Music Award in 2006.

Similarly, Tomas Salles comes from a 3D background having worked for 8 years in New York for various companies, including PSYOP/Massmarket, NY BUCK, Artjail and The Mill NY. At the The Mill Tomas was 3D supervisor and won the First Boards award. Tomas has a bachelor’s degree in graphic Design and is a skilled illustrator. He graduated with honors from NYU’s Digital Imaging and Design and was the first student selected for the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater and Stash Magazine for his work on the short film Equilibrio. The film went on to win the Create and Summershort awards hosted by Student Filmmaker Magazine.

TOMAT profile (Mateus Araujo & Tomas Salles)
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