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He goes by @VONJAKO. Andrea is an award-winning Filmmaker & Storyteller based in Los Angeles, CA. He films in the U.S.A., E.U., Asia and AU. Street art lover. Documentarian. Knows his way on the road.




DIY Racer



The Art Of Shade

Photo Art Project

Docu-series by @VONJAKO





Meet Andrea

Andrea Jako Giacomini is an award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles, CA.

His short film, “More than Words”, a creative hybrid of art and film, was a winner of 2012’s AFI & Levi’s competition. In 2014 received the FutureCity Yokohama Short Film Award. He has created commercials and brand content for companies with global recognition, including: Honda, Yamaha, Lincoln, FIAT, Panasonic, Converse and SunChips. He also creates music videos for various indie and mainstream artists: Eric Benet, Rx Bandits, Gnarls Barkley, Fatboy Slim, Claudia Pavel, Waxploitation’s Teargas & Plateglass, Socadia.

His work has been showcased at SXSW, LA Film Festival, Raindance, Cannes Short Films, Short Shorts Film Festival, Hollyshorts, etc. Originally hailing from Italy, Andrea moved to the United States to pursue a career in music. Shortly after becoming the drummer of the band Socadia, Andrea tried his hand at filming and producing a video for the band. This music video, “Sleeping While You Drive,” quickly garnered places in the Nashville International Music Festival and the Rebelfest—and went on to win the Divx MVWire Music Video Contest. Andrea films in USA, EU, Asia and AU.

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